Product Feature: BEMER

BEMER applications can boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. BEMER devices may also improve the impaired pumping movements of small and very small vessels.  This results in a needs-based distribution of blood in the network of small blood vessels, making BEMER an effective treatment option for many conditions.

The  BEMER treatment system protected by patents.  THe BEMER signal has been developed according to the latest findings on the biorhythm of local and primary regulatory processes associated with microcirculation (physical treatment method).

The specific temporary signal order and structure of the electromagnetic field with a low flux density is crucial in effectively stimulating the mechanism for regulating microcirculation.

During the past 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed (

The Healthy Moringa Tree

The Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera) is an extremely fast growing tree with amazing medicinal properties that originates from its leaves, pods or roots.  It is said that this tree has over 90 nutrients including: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins. It is gluten and caffeine free as well.  It also has one of the highest ORAC values that we know of. Foods higher on the ORAC scale neutralizes free radicals (bad molecules that cause aging) and slows down the damage of oxidation or “rust” in the body.  To read more about ORAC values, see What is an ORAC Scale anyways?

The Moringa tree is usually cultivated in more tropical and warmer areas and can potentially reach upwards of 20 feet or more.  However, not all of us have this kind of space, so pruning or harvesting the Moringa frequently is  a preferred option for those who would like to grow their own.  You can buy the Moringa as well.  My favorite is the organic powder form like the ones here to put into your daily smoothies.  You can eat it fresh or cook the Moringa and even add as a spice over your food.

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What I find interesting about Moringa is that the World Health Organization and other charities, especially in Africa and India use it in their nutritional programs to help malnourished children.  They have found great results within three weeks time as this plant acts as kind of a multi-vitamin for the children because of all of the nutrients.  Watch this video below to learn about this amazing tree:


I’m all about the Moringa research

Here are some of the professional findings on the benefits of this Moringa tree:

To grow your own dwarf Moringa tree

Buy a large ceramic pot with a hole at the bottom and fill with plenty of organic rich soil only (no vermiculite). Plant your Moringa seedlings (about 8) about 1 inch down and cover with dirt. You will need plenty of sunlight, warmth and water for your plant to grown.  Once your seeds have sprouted which is about 10 days, your tree will begin to grow quickly.  Begin to pinch off the tops after the desired height is attained.  If your leaves turn yellow, try putting a little Epsom salt around the base for a magnesium supplement.  Good luck!

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Alpha Lipoic Acid and the Liver

Can the liver be regenerated if you have liver disease?

Drs. Burton Berkson, Fred Bartter and Julian Whitaker all believe that alpha lipoic acid or ALA is a phenomenal water and fat soluble antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals.  They also believe that it is a superb choice to repair damage done from liver disease.

What are free radicals anyways?

Free radicals are atoms with an unpaired number of electrons. The damage they do reacts with important cellular components such as DNA and cell membranes. Cells die when there is this interaction and that is why we need antioxidants.

These experts say that ALA is a mitochondrial powerhouse and it has the ability to neutralize these toxins, chelate heavy metals and protect against DNA damage.  Not only is it a force against liver damage say the experts, but diabetes, cancer, neuropathy, hepatitis, and aging as well. ALA also increases levels of vitamin E, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and glutathione.

What makes alpha lipoic acid special?

It has the ability to function even after it has given up an electron.  For those of us who are not science geeks, this is a big deal.  Antioxidants usually donate their electrons to stabilize free radicals.  Most antioxidants, however, can only do that once and then they are done.  Not true for ALA.  ALA becomes even more potent after giving up their electron and it can also regenerate the spent antioxidants such as vitamin E and increases levels of glutathione and coenzyme Q10.

So the story goes…

In 1977, John and Eunice were admitted to the hospital in Cleveland, OH with acute liver failure after ingesting poisonous amanita mushrooms.  After Dr. Berkson administered ALA intravenously to these patients, the ALA stimulated rapid liver regeneration within two weeks and they were discharged!  Recovering from eating poisonous mushrooms was virtually unheard of before this case was documented.

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker,  the “triple therapy” for liver disease consists of alpha lipoic acid 600 mg, silymarin (milk thistle extract) 900 mg, and selenium 400 mcg, taken daily in divided doses.

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[This article is used by permission from Home Remedies For Mom]